Initial Consultation

Each initial appointment takes approximately one hour and includes;




Services will only be performed when client and artist agree 100% on the shape, design and color.

Services and Prices

*Note: All services and prices listed below includes one (1) free "re-touch" procedure


Microblading ($450.00):

Microblading is a classic hair stroke method and is also know as "3-D" or "feathering" technique. Hand tools that focus on surface layers of the skin are used in Microblading and this technique is best if you want to create natural "hair stroke" looking brows. Microblading does require touch ups once/twice a year (depending on skin type) to maintain proper color and shape.

Misty Powder ($250.00):

Misty Powder is recommended for people with oily skin and for those who want to achieve a powdery soft finish effect. The Misty Powder method involves applying tiny dots of pigment into the skin which gradually builds up color and a defined shape. This method is performed with a special needle that only touches the top layer of the skin. Yearly maintenance between 8-12 months (depending on skin type) is recommended to maintain optimal color and shape.

Powdered Brow ($250.00):

Powdered Brow is a technique that creates a fashionable powder eyebrow makeup effect. Unlike Microblading and Misty Powder techniques, Powder Brow utilizes a machine to apply pigment close to the surface of the skin. This technique is better for oily skin because the application method allows the skin to retain color better and for a longer period of time. Powdered Brow technique is also good for those with bare brows and suites a variety of skin types. Yearly maintenance between 8-12 months (depending on skin type) is best to maintain optimal color and shape.

Combo ($500.00 & up):

Combo technique is used if the client desires the natural hair stroke look from Microblading along with some shading in the middle and tails of the brows to cover up sparseness and to give a fuller look.

Cover Up or Correction ($ based on consultation):

This is for someone who had previous eyebrow tattoo work done and are interested in cover up or correction. If previous tattoo is too dark, dense, discolored, or large, tattoo removal is highly recommended before booking an appointment to achieve best results. Cover up and/or Correction generally require multiple sessions for best results and will be charged accordingly. Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee results for cover up and/or corrective procedures.

Lash Liner ($250.00):

Lash liner tattoo is a secret of many celebrities to achieve the look of thicker and fuller eyelashes. The Lash Liner tattoo technique places semi-permanent cosmetic pigment between each lash to achieve a natural yet luxuriously full lash base and simulates the appearance of actual lashes.

Eyeliner ($300.00):

More defined eyes can be achieved with a semi-permanent Eyeliner. Proper placement of a decorative Eyeliner can create the illusions of an eye-lift and makes the eyes appear larger, brighter and more beautiful.

Lip Tint ($400.00):

Lip Tint looks a lot like the work of a sheer lip stain. Lip Tint is a soft and natural looking lip tattoo that enhances the lips by giving them a more defined shape and a youthful tint. Lip Tint also gives the appearance of more plump and fuller looking lips and can last for years.

Full Lips ($450.00):

Irregular lip line can be redefined with a lip liner procedure. A full color procedure can restore faded lips giving them a fresher and younger appearance. Semi-permanent cosmetics can make thin lips look fuller and drooping corners appear lifted. Having correctly contoured and defined lips creates a youthful appearance.

Hairline ($ based on consultation):

Hairline microblading adds thickness to thinning hair with strokes created to blend in with existing hair strands. Hairline microblading adds depth and shadow which produces a natural looking appearance of thickening hair.